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Three Works Highlight Gallery Walk

MESH Art Gallery at Heritage Hall highlights three works for Gallery Walk in Ketchum, Idaho on Friday, December 29th, 2023. The works are by Fine Art Photographer Jeffrey H. Lubeck.

The event will be from 5:00PM – 7:30PM. MESH Art Gallery at Heritage Hall is located on Ketchum Town Square at 420 4th Avenue East. Beverages and special treats from the MESH Gallery Smoker will be served.

The three works represent images of the region in Winter, Spring and Summer. They complement 24 other Fine Art Photography works by Lubeck on display in the gallery for the event.

Teepee in Wilderness © Copyright Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art LLC. – All rights reserved.

Teepee in Wilderness © is of a Teepee (or Tipi) frame located in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. The image was captured in the late afternoon in the heart of winter.

Tipi is a loanword from the Dakota and Lakota language. The spelling Tipi is most commonly used in Canadian-English (dictionary) and the spelling Teepee is most commonly used in American English (dictionary).

The conical shaped structure was originally covered by buffalo hide and has two smoke flaps at its top. More background on the Tipi is located [here].

Dawn on the Oregon Trail. © Copyright Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art LLC. – all rights reserved.

Dawn on the Oregon Trail © is of Purple Sage at the start of daylight hours in early spring. The image was captured near Craters of the Moon National Monument and the Goodale’s Cutoff route of the Oregon Trail. The Goodale’s Cutoff route was established as an option to the Main Trail. It was created to avoid confrontation with Northern Shoshone and Bannock Indians who began resisting the intrusion of white settlers in 1862. By 1863 seven out of ten wagons heading out from Fort Hall towards Boise used the Goodale’s Cutoff route. More information about Goodale’s Cutoff is located [here].

Sunrise in the Mist on Little Redfish – © Copyright Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art LLC – all rights reserved.

Sunrise in the Mist on Little Redfish © is of an early summer sunrise on the Iconic Little Redfish Lake of Idaho. Mist is burning off the lake and mountain side as the sun rises. Little Redfish is bulging with melt water from the snow of winter. The water on the lake is as clear and still as nature can offer. Shooting Star and Buttercups are in full bloom.

Richard Gary Brautigan’s Trout Fishing in America was written while he camped at Little Redfish Lake.

For more information about the Gallery Walk contact Kyle Lubeck (208) 309-3200 or