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Stars on the Horizon Premieres

Stars on the Horizon in the Sawtooths ©Copyright Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art – all rights reserved.

The results of a three day back-country photo shoot in the Sawtooth Wilderness of Idaho will premiere at MESH Gallery at Heritage Hall during Sun Valley Art Association’s Gallery Walk on Friday August’s 5th, 2022 from 5-7:30PM in Ketchum, Idaho.

Two new works of Fine Art Photography will premiere at the Gallery Walk – Stars on the Horizon in the Sawtooths and Dawn at Alpine Lake. Both are by photographer Jeffrey H. Lubeck.

Dawn at Alpine Lake © Copyright Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art – all rights reserved.

“Multi-day Solo Photo shoots in the Wilderness create interesting challenges,” says Lubeck. “One, is deciding how much weight I am willing to carry in steep rugged off-trail terrain at high elevation?”

Lubeck chose to carry 70+ lbs. for the photo shoot. Three different camera systems and seven lenses (PHASEONE, Nikon, and Sony) made their way into Lubeck’s pack. “Each had a role in the plan. All three were used and produced results”, said Lubeck.

The Steep Route to Alpine Lake © Copyright Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art – all rights reserved.

MESH Art Gallery is one of the nine members. More information on the Sun Valley Gallery Association is available [here].

For more information contact Kyle Lubeck (208) 309-3200.

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  1. Hi Jeff:

    My wife Amy and I enjoyed catching up with you again Friday the 11th in your wonderful studio, on our anniversary. We enjoyed your book on the wild mustangs and desire to have several of your great prints:
    First and foremost is a large print of “Scout team” which will have a prominent place in our entry way. We need the format 44″x72″, question is whether you recommend canvas or paper mounting.

    We also love your images on page 8 and page 19, which we want in the smaller format (18×24?).
    Also your iconic pic of the perfectly conformed group of 5 horses running on pages 14&15; this one we need in a large width format, similar to that you used in the book, total width being about 60″. Please call me at 310-709-1684 with questions so we can finalize this.
    Thanks, Eric

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