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Capturing at 20 Degrees Below Zero

MESH Art Gallery will premiere Capturing at 20 Degrees Below Zero at Gallery Walk Friday March 8th, 2024 from 5PM – 7:30PM. On Display will be the results and backstory of Fine Art Photographer Jeffrey H. Lubeck’s attempt at capturing images over three days during the middle of winter in the high elevations of the Sawtooth Mountain in Idaho.

After 10 straight days and 45 inches of snowfall, Lubeck ventured from the family cabin located in the heart of the Sawtooth U.S. National Forest, Recreation Area, and Wilderness to the shooting location. He would arrive one hour before dawn on three consecutive days. The skies were beginning to clear and the temperatures hovered between -18.8 and -21.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the last day, Lubeck captured the image below.

Sawtooth Sunrise at 20 Below – © Jeffrey H. Lubeck – MESH Art LLC – all rights reserved.